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Chairperson Sports Message

Desk of Chairperson Sports

Dear Members of MMA,

I have been given, once again, the  pleasure of heading the sports committee                as the Chairperson of Sports for the annual year 2015-16.

I thank you all, and the entire MMA as            a whole, for trusting in my abilities once              more and electing me as the Sports Chairperson. I would especially like to extend my gratitude to our President Dr. Mehul Bhatt, Dr. Trupti Barchha, Dr. Hemal Barchha and Dr. Harshad Joshi from whom, in all humility, I carry forward the baton of the chairpersonship for this year and hope to keep up with the standard set by him. Special thanks to Dr. Satish Shetty for supporting the MMA sports activities.

Not to forget to mention our pillar of supporters Dr. Anil Suchak, Dr. Hemal Maniar  and Dr. Jayesh Lele.

Kudos to them for bringing into spotlight the importance of sports, health, good team spirit and most importantly- the need to kick back and wind down from the constant demanding pace of our work life.

I take heart from the fact that in this      vigil- one which helps doctors to stay healthy- I will be greatly supported by an exceptionally enthusiastic and able team as sub-committee: Dr.Jiggar Bhatt, Dr. Prashant Dubey, Dr.Rajesh Chaubey and Dr. K.N. Swamy.

Promising to keep up an entertaining and enjoyable stream of sports events, I wish and hope for active participation from each and every one of us. Remember- Take care of your body and your body will take care of YOU!

Signing off,

Dr. Prakash U. Tiwari

98206 66693