Message from MAGIC Editor


Hello and a warm welcome to all our readers and contributors of magic

COURAGE IS WHAT IT TAKES TO STAND UP AND SAY……COURAGE IS ALSO WHAT IT TAKES TO SIT AND LISTEN….. So KUDOS to all of us.The rains are upon us as            I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Gaurang Kapadia, Dr. Mehul Bhatt, Dr. Trupti Barchha, Dr. Hemal Barchha and Dr. Rajesh Jain and our respected office bearers and members of the trust board for their support

Its a pleasure to be selected as editor of magic for the second term. The may issue of dentistry received overwhelming response from the fraternity and I would once again thank Dr.Vijay Kadam for his efforts.

We promise to include various faculties throughout the year and articles detailing the latest techniques which go a long way in effective Diagnosis and treatment. Our June issue on PHYSIOTHERAPY will stress On  importance of exercise which go long way in keeping up us healthy and fit.

And thanks to Mrs.Harsha Jain for all her work for compiling this issue.

Dr. Aarti vyas joshi

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